3 Advantages of a Pentax Wide Angle Lenses

The Pentax wide angle lenses are not the cheapest tools on the market, but professional photographers have good reasons to recommend them. The best models so far are Pentax DA 16-45mm F4 ED AL, SMC Pentax DA 12-24mm f/4 ED AL and SMC Pentax DA 16-50mm F2.8 ED AL. Here are three advantages of these lenses:

1. Aperture

All three models have fast apertures, which is a plus when working with low-light. This is also good for photographers who wish to take pictures with depth of field effects.

2. Light Fall Off

The SMC DA 12-24mm f/4 ED AL (IF) and DA 16-45mm F4 ED AL Pentax wide lenses offer an excellent control of vigneting (also known as light fall off). SMC Pentax DA* 16-50mm F2.8 ED AL (IF), however, has a good light fall of control as well, but it is not among the most impressive features that Pentax wide lenses have.

3. Distortion

Most wide angle lenses present distorted images when at their maximum zoom. Pentax wide angle lenses have the smallest distortion rate, which makes them reliable when it comes to the accuracy of the image. DA 16-45mm F4 ED AL has the smallest distortion of all Pentax wide angle lenses.