2 Useful Dome Security Cameras for the Office

Dome security cameras are great for the office. They are very useful and have many benefits. They give you top quality video surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a great feeling to know that there is someone watching and protecting at the same time.

1. Indoor Color Dome Security

This indoor, color dome security camera has a chipset from Samsung installed. There are 380 lines of resolution with a 1.0 low lighting rating. Plug and play cables are included with the camera. This little beauty is a great camera for your home or office.

2. The Color High Res Indoor Dome Security Camera

This is another camera that is great for the office. This is a color, high resolution, indoor dome security camera. It also has a chipset from Samsung, but this camera has 520 lines of high resolution, along with the plug and play cables that allow easy installation.

Having dome security cameras installed in an office area is a benefit of all the employees. You will feel safer if you know that there are security cameras around even if you can't see them. You still know that the dome security cameras are there, but no one else will.