2 Tripod Handle Types and Their Benefits

Most camera tripods come with handles. The tripod handles either control the pan or tilt. Some tripods come with two handles to give you greater control of both at the same time. Ultimately what gives the operator the most control of the tripod is the head. But, the tripod handles still play a large role. The majority of tripod handles fall into two categories: those that lock and those that don't.

1. Locking Handles

The tightening lock for the tripods pan is always locked at the head, unless you're using a high end tripod that has two handles. Handles that allow you to lock are what you do want to have. This way, you can find your shot and lock it instantly, as opposed to moving your hand and having the camera drift slightly. These handles have an adjustment at the tip that you can turn to the right to tighten and turn to the left to loosen.

2. Handles That Don't Lock

These handles are really just large sticks that extend from the tripod head. The locking mechanisms are found directly at the tripod head and you run the risk of the camera slightly drifting when locking because your hand is off the handle. These types of handles are found with tripods that have complicated heads.

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