2 Top Rated 58mm Camera Filters

If you own a camera that requires 58 mm lenses, then you will need 58 mm camera filters to use with the camera to help protect the lenses. These filters with also help you to create special effects, soften light and prevent reflections. Here are two of the top rated 58mm camera filters:

1. Canon UV-1 58 mm Haze Filter

Out of many filters, the Canon UV-1 filter for 58 mm lenses soaks up damaging ultraviolet rays with no increase in exposure, meaning it prevents a hazy or foggy effect. It is also great when you leave it on the camera to help protect the main lens glass from getting scratched or dirty.

2. Formatt 58 mm Star Effect 4 Point Filter

This Formatt filter is used to create special effects; it looks like your subject is surrounded by a star like shape. It is great for photographing a special event such as a wedding and works well with point light sources. You can set it to make different sorts of streak patterns too. Plus, it is made with a high quality Schott brand of glass, making it durable and long lasting so it also protects your main camera lens.