2 Homemade Tripods and How To Make Them

Building simple tripods at home can be done with just a few simple materials. These homemade tripods are great for unexpected moments where photographing with a tripod is ideal. The tennis ball method is also great for webcams. Most of the materials needed can be found around your home already.

1. Tennis Ball

Materials Needed

  • 1 inch plastic bolt (20 threads per inch)
  • Box cutter or craft knife
  • Tennis ball

Make Your Marks

Use a felt tip pen to to draw a line around the circumference of the ball. This will give you a guide to cutting the ball in half. Make sure you wear safety goggles when you do this, as it will prevent injury should the blade you are working with slips or breaks. On the edge of the ball, you are going to mark 3 crescent moon shapes going around. You will cut these out and the legs for the tripod will be formed. Create a hole in the top part of the ball. This hole is where the bolt will go and where the camera will attach. You can add a slit under the hole if you want an option for more tilt. This is helpful when using a webcam.


On the other half of the tennis ball, you will mark two circles approximately 1 1/2 inches across. You can cut these out. Slide the plastic bolt through the first washer you made. On the half of the ball where you are attaching the camera, slide your plastic bolt with the washer already attached through the top. Press the second washer on top of the bolt. Now you can attach your camera.

2. Water Bottle

A water bottle tripod is simple to make, and can be more portable than the tennis ball. The cap is where everything attaches, so it can slide in to a backpack easily.

Materials Needed:

  • Water bottle (16.9 or 20 ounce works best)- needs to be half full.
  • Knife
  • Small nut
  • Small bolt
  • Glue (optional)

Cut the Cap

Cut a hole in the cap large enough for your bolt. You almost want to cut the hole on the small side so you have a tight fit for the bolt. Remember your camera will end up being placed on top of the bolt, so ensure you have a bolt that will work with your camera.


Press the bolt through the hole in the cap. Attach and secure the nut on the top of the cap. For a more waterproof seal, you can apply glue around the finished structure. Attach your camera and the tripod is ready to use!

Note: The water in the bottle is what gives this tripod the security and stability. If you prefer not to use a bottle with water, you can add sand to the bottle instead. Some people prefer to attach something heavy to the bottom of the bottle for added security, but this takes away from the portability factor.

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