Paint Shop Pro Tutorial: Snow Globe

Snow globes can be a great project for a collector or for adding to a custom holiday card. Paint Shop Pro has many or the components needed to make snow globes, you will however need to download the sparkle tube, globe tube and sparkle tube if you do not already have them included on your version of Paint Shop Pro.

Step 1: Make a Copy

Always make a copy of your original image. You can use any image that you would like in your snow globe.  Copy the original image by right clicking on the image and either pasting it in the Paint Shop Pro program or saving the copy to your computer for later use.

Step 2: Select Your Globe

First you will need to open the "scene.psp" from your software. Open your Layer palette and select the globe layer. Next you will select your picture tube tool and choose the shape of the globe that you wish to use. Change the scale to the appropriate size for your project.

Step 3:  Surround the Image

Place the chosen globe over the top of the image that you selected for your project. Any part of the image outside of the globe will be cut out of the final image so be sure that you select any part of the image you need. You can retry is your globe goes off the image. You may also need to resize your image if it does not fit into the globe correctly.

Step 4: Get Rid of the Excess

Select the magic wand tool and then click the background section outside of the globe. Select to modify then expand and change the value to one and click on the OK button. In order to make the background area active to work on you need to go to the edit tab, clear it or hit the delete key on your keyboard. Now right click on the image choose selections and none.

Step 5: Attach the Base

Activate the base layer then use the picture tube tool or download and choose the gold base, set the scale to the same value that you use in step number two in order to make them the same size. Use the mover tool to move the gold base to the proper place at the bottom of the globe.

Step 6: Make Copies and Set Your Sparkles

Create two copies of the image by going to Window then duplicate. Do this two times so that you will have a total of three snow globe images. Activate the snow layer on each of the three snow globes. Choose the picture tube tool again in order to select one of the sparkle tubes, set the scale back to make the sparkles smaller so that they will not overwhelm the image. Place ten to fifteen sparkles in each of the three images then merge the layers by going to layers, merge and merge all three images. Save it as a file in the Paint Shop Pro program otherwise referred to as a psp program.

The last thing to do is use the animation program to animate the sparkles inside the globe.

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