Will Adding Flickr Contacts Increase Traffic?

This article will confront the matter of adding social contacts on Flickr: do additional contacts increase traffic?

To answer simply, they can't hurt. There are many ways to attract people to your Flickr photostream, and some are more effective than others. Ultimately, when seeking publicity as a photographer or videographer on Flickr and the internet at large, you should seek recognitiondue to their quality rather than their quantity.

When you first decide to publicize your Flickr photos, you should establish networks of friends and business relations. Contact them through the site and ask them to evaluate your photos and to introduce you to their contacts. Simultaneously, make contact with other Flickr users outside of your network. Try to find other users with similar interests and techniques to your own.

Is it possible that potential audiences will stumble upon you simply by finding you in the pool of friends of photographers they admire or interact with, but don't count on that response to be speedy. It is easier to draw an appreciative audience to your photostream by making photos that get favorited or recommended by other users, which is a less direct result of an expanding social network, and more incumbent upon the quality of your network than its sheer size.

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