Why to Use a Pro Processing Lab for an Online Digital Photo Print

There are many reasons to use a pro processing lab for an online digital photo print, but the most obvious are those that are noticeable just by looking at the end product.  A professional lab is going to give you more print options and higher quality photos every time.

Color Calibration

Most professional processing labs offer some form of color calibration software and free test prints in order to make sure that your computer screen is properly calibrated to their printing system. Sometimes the colors that we see on our computer may not be the true colors if there has not been proper calibration. Most consumer-based processing labs will not take this into consideration and therefore, you could possibly receive prints that look very different from the photos you see on your computer.

Paper Quality

Pro processing labs use professional quality paper, which is usually much more durable and higher quality than the typical photo paper.  The professional labs also commonly offer different types and finishes of paper, including: metallic, linen, true black and white, and more. Lustre coating is typically available as well, which offers more protection from photo damage.

Variety of Print Options

There tends to be many more print choices offered with pro labs as well.  There are usually more size options available for printing and different selections for mounting large format prints. For instance, there will likely be a variety of mounting options, including mat board, foam board, styrene, canvas and other alternatives. Many professional labs also offer frame, mat and glass choices too.