Why Professional Photographers Post on Flickr

As a professional photographer, there are several reasons why you should post your work on the Flickr web site. The Internet has become the primary tool for creative professionals to gain maximum exposure in the world market. With the transformation and past success of digital media spanning the spectrum of music to journalism, this outlet has become the widest window to our world. Flickr is one of the premiere media management and distribution portals on the Internet. As writers, musicians and filmmakers continue to benefit from this resource, photographers can now expose both their creativity and enhance their business power.

Worldwide Exposure

Creative professionals can not only reach the eyes, ears and minds of their target audience quicker through this media, but they are open to a world of praise, opinion and the immediate response from both fans and potential clients. Using Flickr as an exhibition venue allows the photographer to project their best work to millions of eyes while keeping their creativity safe and secure.

As an addendum to a physical photography exhibit, where the photographer's best work is displayed on the walls of a venue in a specific city, the artist can create a private, intimate online viewing through Flickr. This not only helps to expand ones bandwidth and reach to those truly interested in seeing what the photographer has to offer, but it also touches and attracts other photographers who may be stepping stones to future clientele.

Peer to Peer Networking

Sometimes the best clients come from a conversation between two photographers. The creative realm can be very competitive but sometimes this world and it's success are fueled by sharing and the support of it's internal network. Through the Flickr community is born an immense global network where a myriad of ideas and information can be shared between like minded individuals. Photographers who may want to find clients or assignments in different parts of the world may gain the benefits of a peer network in that region. The contact base would not only be exposed to their counterpart's work, but could prove to be an important advocate in an unfamiliar marketplace.

Financial Benefits

Lastly, with the acceleration of e-commerce over the past decade, creative professionals can also market and sell their work with seamless effort putting the once standardized "brick and mortal" business plan in second place. Flickr can serve as an auction block as well as an exhibit hall depending on how hard one wants to work marketing their creative collections as products. As in any genre, the work of a photographer comes from the soul and a perspective that is unique to that artist's mind. Most importantly, keeping creative interests in check should be the first priority when a photograph's online sale is looming.

Overall, a true, entrepreneurial photographer can use Flickr to promote, share and potentially sell their creative work more effectively and reach a limitless audience.

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