Why Download Webshots Desktop?

Webshots Desktop is an easy to use photo organizer that is made by American Greetings. Webshots Desktop is 100% free, which is, of course, the best reason to download Webshots Desktop. If being free doesn't convince you, this guideline will go over a few of the best features of Webshots Desktop.

1. Photo Organizer

Webshots Desktop allows you to organize everything from uploaded photos to photos you have taken with your digital camera to your screensavers. All of your photos are represented by thumbnail images in Webshots Desktop so you can easily move them around and organize them in albums.

2. Screensavers and Wallpapers

Do you like creating your own screensavers and wallpapers with your photos? If so, you will love Webshots Desktop because Webshots Desktop allows you to create screensavers and wallpapers with a single click of your mouse. There are no limits in regards to how many photos you can have in a single screensaver or wallpaper, either.

3. Daily Photos

If you like seeing photos from around the world, Webshots Desktop can send you member and professional photos for free on a daily basis. You can even access more photos for free by searching Webshots.