What the Direct Link Photobucket Codes are for

If you use Photobucket to store or share images, you may have noticed that you have the option of accessing your images in a number of different ways. One of the links that Photobucket provides you with is what is known as a Direct Link. This informational article is intended to give you a brief explanation of what a Direct Link is and how to use it to its fullest potential.


The direct link code provided by Photobucket is essentially no more than a hyperlink to the location that an uploaded image is hosted on Photobucket. If this hyperlink is copied and pasted into a web browser, the image you uploaded will appear on the an otherwise blank screen, since it is literally a "direct link" to the image itself.


The direct link code in Photobucket will be useful for you if you are designing a webpage or are adding a background or other image to a personal website such as Myspace. By adding a basic html code to the beginning and end of the direct link provided by Photobucket, you can host your image on any website that you have the authority to edit. Direct linking is especially useful, then, for web designers or for simply sharing an image quickly with a friend.

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