What is Vector Magic?

Vector Magic is a conversion program that takes bitmap images such as those with file formats *.jpeg, *.gif, *.bmp, *.tiff and *.png and change them into *.eps, *.svg and *.pdf format, which is cleaner looking vector images. Vector images have a higher resolution than standard bitmap images; a difference between 72 pixels/dots per inch (DPI) and 600 pixels/DPI. The software comes in an online and desktop version and allows you to upload images from your computer and access images stored online.

How Much Does Vector Magic Cost?

Vector Magic is not freeware or shareware. To use Vector Magic in order to edit your bitmap images into higher resolution vector images, you need purchase a quarterly subscription for unlimited access to the online version of the software or pay a one-time charge for the desktop version of Vector Magic. The cost of the online version is 7.95 a month Euro billed 3 months at a time at 23.85 Euro ($11 USD/$33 USD) while the one-time cost for the desktop version is 295 Euro ($405 USD). The online version's subscription may be cancelled at any time by the user with no cancellation fees or other charges. There is a different fee structure for non-profit organizations and educators (50 percent off the desktop version).

How Does Vector Magic Work?

Vector Magic bitmap to vector image conversion software works by using a process known as auto tracing or vectorization to redraw the bitmap or raster image into a sharper, pixelated image. The Vector Magic program does this automatically, where in the past such a process was tedious and done by hand. The automated process was created by James Diebel, a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University as part of a Stanford Artificial Intelligence research project.

Using Vector Magic

Using the Vector Magic software requires you to upload an image into the software. Once the download takes place, the program takes over and automatically traces the image to create the vector image. The software distinguishes between the following types of images in order to apply the correct process (since the process for each is different):

  • Photos
  • Artwork with blended color boundaries
  • Artwork without blended color boundaries

Once the auto tracing is complete, the resulting vector image can be downloaded for additional editing or use. The amount of detail and the quality level for the shape's boundaries are determined by you the user, and they can be set from low, medium and high quality, depending on the application in which the image will be used.

Why Use Vector Magic?

Vector Magic helps improve the appearance and quality of images that you use in various types of applications. This includes t-shirts, brochures, magazines and other uses that require a higher quality image. Using Vector Magic will make images that you see on a computer screen appear the same way when printed.

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