What Is Splashup?

Splashup is an online photo editing tool, which is very similar to Adobe's Photoshop. While Splashup is feature rich, you won't get as many options or capabilities as you would using a premium photo editing tool. It is perfect for those that don't need professional grade software or those that want to get the hang of photo editing before making a big ticket software purchase. Splashup is a browser-based program and doesn't run directly on your computer. 

Free Online Tool

Unlike some of the other photo editing software packages, you can access Splashup for free. It is accessed directly from the Internet. There is nothing to download and you don't have to take up space on your computer's hard drive. Because Splashup is a browser-based photo editing tool, you will need a reliable Internet connection to ensure that you don't lose your work.

You will have to become a member in order to access some of the more advanced features. However, that simply requires you to fill out a sign up form and enter your email address.

Similar to Photoshop Interface

If you are familiar with Adobe's Photoshop, you will not have a problem getting comfortable with Splashup. The user interface is remarkably similar. The learning curve for those without Photoshop experience is manageable. However, you should take some time to get acquainted with the program. If you are completely new to photo editing software, take some time to figure out what all the features and effects are capable of. You will probably be amazed at what you can do with your own photos. 

Use of Layers

If you are a photo editor that is a fan of layers, you will find them here on Splashup. They work in the same manner as the layers on Adobe's Photoshop. Layers are a way that you add effects to pictures. You simply add layers of effects and changes, one on top of the other, until the photo looks the way you want. 

If layers aren't your thing, you may want to look for another tool. Whether you prefer layers or not, the capability that they provide on Splashup is remarkable.

Multiple Image Editing

Splashup allows you to edit more than one image at time. This is one of the features that is usually only found in premium photo editing software. In fact, you can import your pictures from Picasa, Flickr and Facebook. You can edit them and then upload them back to the photo sharing sites. Of course, you can edit pictures that are saved locally on your computer as well.  

Feature Rich

Splashup doesn't offer as many features as a premium photo editing software, however, the offering is rather large. You can add layers, layer effects, filters, brushes and shapes to name a few. Unless you are working on some advanced photo editing, you will find all of the necessary features available on Splashup. 

If you are interested in editing your photos, check out Splashup. You may be surprised at the options available through this free online software. 

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