What Is Picnik?

A new player in the online photo sharing tool has emerged recently, and Picnik has been generating a buzz. Unlike the popular site Photobucket, Picnik is not focused on storing user images and videos. It is simply, as their tag line says, "photo editing made fun". This is not the only online editing tool that's available, neither is it the most extensive. In fact, one might argue that Photobucket's editing tool has a lot more to offer in terms of serious image editing. On the other hand, Picnik has a very user-friendly interface, colorful website, and fun and funky enhancements. Here are some of the upsides of using this new online editing tool.

No Registration Required

This is rare in websites, but it's a big plus to why Picnik boosted its popularity. Those who want to give this service a go need not undergo the grueling process of inputtin vital information. There is no registration required to use Picnik. Simply go to the site, upload your image from your computer, tweak it however you want it, and then download the finished product.

Extensive Access to Other Sites

Picnik can upload and save photos from your other online photo sharing sites or social networking accounts. There's no need to create a whole new album in Picnik. You can simply link up your other accounts, and you can grab your desired photos from there. This is possible with Picasa, Facebook, MySpace, Photobucket, Flickr, Webs, Webshots and even Yahoo! Mail. You can even link up your Twitter account so you can instantly tweet about your latest edited picture.

Easy Interface 

Picnik is very easy to use. So, even if you've never attempted editing your own photos before, you won't have a hard time using Picnik. Simply upload your photo, and under the Edit tab, you'll find all the editing tools you'll need. You can crop your photo to remove unnecessary elements; you can resize it so you have a smaller file size; you can enhance the exposure and contrast, adjust the colors, sharpen the image, remove the red eye and more. If you don't feel like tweaking all that, just press the Auto-fix button and your picture will automatically be enhanced.

Fun and Funky Add-Ons

There are a host of fun and amusing elements you can add to your pictures. If you want to play around with it a little, just go to the Create tab on Picnik and edit to your heart's content. You can add text here in whatever font and color you choose. There are many borders and decorations available. You can even put in caption boxes and talk balloons. There are also Stickers that will add color and design to your photo. It's a fun tool that not only allows you to play with your pictures, but gives you the opportunity to create greeting cards, invites, postcards and more.

Value for Premium

Premium membership is currently at $24.95 a year, and it opens up a number of exclusive content for you. You can touch-up your pictures by removing blemishes and wrinkles. You also have access to special fonts, decorations, stickers and more special features.

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