What is Flickr?

Flickr is a photography-based social networking site that combines image and video hosting with an online community. You can upload your own photos and videos and view photos and video from other people around the world. Flickr is also integrated with Facebook, making sharing photos even easier. You need to have a Yahoo! account to sign up for Flickr, but signing up for both Yahoo! And Flickr is simple and should take only a couple of minutes.

1. Upload Photos and Video

Videos are limited to 90 seconds and must be 150mb or less. The short length of the video could be Flickr's biggest drawback, but the site was designed mostly as a way of sharing photography, not video. Flickr was not meant to be competition for YouTube. Flickr Pro members can upload an unlimited number of video files up to 500mb each.

The 150mb limit for each photo allows members to post most photos without further compression. Free members have a monthly limit of photos they can upload, thought Pro members can upload an unlimited number of photos for a yearly fee.

2. Upload and View Photos and Video

Uploading both photos and video is as simple as a few clicks with Flickr. Most of the commonly used video and photo formats are accepted. You can also upload your flicker photos directly to Facebook.

You can view public photos, photo galleries and video by year, month, day posted, by global location, or by most popular. Flickr even has a world map where you can view millions of geotagged photos. This provides great way to learn geography or to just view images from many different areas all in one easy-to-use interactive map.

3. Shop for Cameras

Flickr also has a page where you can shop and compare most of the consumer model cameras on the market. You can search for photos taken with a specific model camera or even camera phone. There are also comparative charts and blogs to help you make an informed purchase.

4. Create Applications

With Flickr you can even create your own application using Flickr API. The applications designed by members are made to work within the Flickr site. For instance, you could create an application that sorts your photos by color. Maybe you want to group all the photos in your collection that have a certain shade of green. With Flickr API, you can create an application that does just that.

5. Create Online Groups

You can create groups of your friends and invite them to view certain photos that you or someone else has posted. You can also have your groups view the photos privately. Perhaps you have a business meeting and you want your colleagues, and only your colleagues, to view a high quality photo album from anywhere in the world. Flickr allows you to do this.

6. Online Photo Printing

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can also have your photos printed into calendars, cards, books, photo collages and canvases. Each printing service does require a fee.

Overall, Flickr is an excellent online tool for organizing and sharing your photography and short video clips over the Internet.

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