Web Television: How To Make it Your Career

Web television is a service that is distributed strictly through the Internet. There are several different services that play in Australia, the US, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. It is possible to choose the different programs that have been archived. These shows can then be streamed directly to a media player or downloaded to the computer. In general, most Internet TV has high demand at about 10p.m. at night. These programs are available in many different formats so they can be viewed on many different types of devices.

Step 1 - Major

The first step is to pick the appropriate major. While you do not necessarily need to major in communications or broadcast journalism, this can get your career started faster than a major in liberal arts. It is also possible to focus on the media or advertising side of Internet television or the technical side as software development and technical support will be needed. All those positions required for regular television will in some way be used for Internet television, such as editing, producing, and more.

Step 2 - College

If Internet television is your chosen field then see about attending classes at a university or college that specializes in television and media. Learning as much as possible about the entire process of shooting or producing can give you a great grasp of what is needed. There are many colleges that have programs specifically for film and televisions. If this is a later in life switch then a degree is not necessary though taking some courses can help you learn what is available and what is needed in each type of position.

Step 3 - Computer Skills

Being an advanced computer user is a huge help when dealing with anything online. A lot of the jobs for Internet television are monitoring the programs and troubleshooting issues that may arise. There are storage issues, maintenance, and additional post production support. Having advanced knowledge of Linux and Unix, understanding video encoding, experience in content delivery networks, and dealing with security software will be needed.

Step 4 - Internships

Getting some experience is the best way to start your career. On summer holidays or over school breaks see about interning with a movie or television company. Production managers have the same responsibilities for any type of television including Internet TV. Most companies will have interns so find one that is in the television field you want to work in.

Step 5 - Companies that Are Hiring

In order to work in Internet television you will need to research the different companies. Joost is a large company that has recently expanded to broadcast CNN among other programs through a new distribution agreement. In the United States the main Internet television providers are Revision3 and Hulu. Ireland has RTE Player, Australia, Australia Live TV, and the United Kingdom has Demand Five, ITV Player, 4oD, BBC iPlayer, and SeeSaw.

Step 6 - In the Company

You may not be able to find a job opening in the exact position you want. If this is not possible, then look for something related. Most companies will offer positions to employees first before posting them online. It is much easier to transfer to a different position within the company once you are already in.