Web Shows: Why Comedy's Your Best Bet

When it comes to web shows, comedy tops virtually everything: the top web shows and series, YouTube videos and viral hits. Everything is about comedy. Internet videos are all about comedy in a way. Although the majority of films that top the Box Offices are action and drama films, TV networks are in search of comedy formulas, acknowledging that TV and web are all about humor and comedy. The Internet has become something like the ground zero for comedy these days.

The Webcast Trend

So is this trend something that will continue its reign towards the next decade? So far, the signs suggest that comedy is your best bet. There could be many arguments about it, but a simple look back in recent history gives us many hints about the future. YouTube crystallized the spreadable and viral effect of comedy adapting to the Internet experience. The 2.0 environment became the most fertile ground for comedy to grow. Just remember the Lazy Sunday or the SNL shows that grew in the Web 2.0 field. These shows were ideal for Internet users with short attention span and normal download speed.

2006 was a great year for the web comedy, since numerous celebrities went online, with shows such as Cheezburger, Funny or Die and more. With the advent of YouTube, many actors and celebrities managed to follow independent and totally fruitful careers.

The Development of Web Comedy

Web comedy has grown so much that it's almost impossible to create a library of comedy shows online. There are hundreds, or even thousands of producers, writers and entrepreneurs that work for independent companies or corporate groups, investing time and money on funny videos, comedy series and mini clips. Most of them bet that if someone wants to make money online, he / she has to create a funny video.

What is more interesting is that in the last 5 years, the mainstream media companies have embarked on an effort to create web shows. Instead of creating websites, they try to find creative and inspired people who will produce original funny content for their existing web pages. NBC and ABC bought some web comedy series, such Ctrl and Voicemail, showing that networks have started realizing the power they have in their hands and that the Internet is a way to bolster the TV screens.

The enhancement of online comedy videos gave birth to a new field, called Web extras. Psych, Mode after Hours and Chasing Dorota use a large number of videos to give their fans something extra and funnier. Web series won the bet, because they managed to eliminate the boundaries between TV and the Web.

The Future of Web Comedy Shows

Can we predict the future? Obviously not; that would be a fool's game. But we can be certain of the emergence of new humorous forms in media business. The cheap and relatively sloppy videos, web shows and series will not be enough anymore. It's time for more serious and professional work. The web gave people and corporate groups a huge playground and, since people are always looking for new ways to lighten the atmosphere up and have fun, comedy is the best bet.