Web Shows: How To Use a Web Cam for Plot

Creating a film about someone making web shows is actually quite a lot more difficult than you might imagine. To get this just right will take a lot of patience and effort. Web cams have become a very important part of our lives and capturing their use on camera can create an interesting film. If you are considering doing this, then it is important to bear a few things in mind. By following this guide, you will make it easy to record films which feature people using their webcams to talk to other people.

Step 1: Setting Up

When you want to use a web cam as part of your plot, you need to set everything up. Set the computer and monitor up on a desk like they would be normally. Then, mount the web cam anywhere you want. Normally, this will be located on the top of the monitor. The idea is to make the set look as realistic as possible. Set the computer up on a regular desk which suits the type of home or office where you are filming in. This will make it much easier for your viewers to believe what they are watching.

You will also need to set the web cam up as normal. Install the drivers so that the camera now works correctly with your computer. Test that everything is working as it should be before you attempt to film anything.

Another computer is also essential. This can be located anywhere and also needs a web cam. To avoid relying on the Internet, it would be easier to locate the computer in the same building and use a local area network connection rather than the Internet. This will ensure quick and reliable connections.

Step 2: Testing

When the web cam software is installed, you should then install instant messaging software. While the most popular application will be MSN, you might also want to use Skype or ICQ. Install the application and start testing how to use it.

Step 3: Filming a Screen

One of the biggest challenges you will encounter when filming a web cam scene is recording a computer monitor. When a computer monitor is recorded, it is normally stripy and distorted. This is always much more of an issue when dealing with CRT monitors. These are the larger monitors. To record these, you should set the shutter speed to 1/1000th of a second. Alternatively, use TFT flat screen monitors instead. These have slower refresh lights and are easier to record without as much distortion.

Also, adjust the refresh rate on your monitor to 60 Hertz. This can be done through windows by selecting the Control panel, clicking on Display Settings, Advanced then monitor. A drop down box can then be used to select the 60 Hz refresh option.

Step 4: Setting the Scene

When you're ready to start filming, you should then dial one of your contacts in your instant messenger and establish a web cam chat. When this is established, you can start recording.

Step 5: Editing

All you need to do then is edit and improve the clips. Cut out anything that isn't necessary so that you can improve the look of the video.