Web Shows: How To Make Your Own Talk Show

A few months ago the Streamy awards were held in Los Angeles honoring the best web shows being created. The winner of best comedy series was 'Between Two Ferns With Zach Galafonakis'.  It is a talk show where the popular actor interviews other popular actors and asks them ridiculous, yet hilarious, questions.

Anyone can make his or her own successful talk show on the web. You don't need to have a huge budget or Hollywood celebrities; all you need is great content and a potential audience.

 Pick a Subject

'Between Two Ferns' interviews Hollywood celebrities.  Odds are that you probably can't do that, but that's ok. Pick a subject that interests you. Wither it's cars, movies, comic books, or social issues what it most important is that the subject is something you have a passion for. Putting on a talk show requires a lot of work and if you don't like what you're doing then you're setting yourself up to fail.

Find a Potential Audience

Now that you have a subject you need to think about who is going to be your audience. Yes, you are making you're talk show because you're passionate about it but you also want people to see and like it. Remember, success on the web is determined by hits.

Get a Host

After subject matter the host is the most important part of the talk show. This is the person who represents everything you are doing. The host can be you, but if you're someone who is poor at speaking and shy then you should consider hiring someone else. It should be someone who is commanding, knows what they're talking about, and is full of personality. It also helps if this person is attractive too.

Create a Set

Now that the major pieces are in place you need to make a set for your talk show. It should be a fairly large area that you can turn into a comfortable setting. It should also be in a semi soundproof area. After all, you need to hear people talk on a talk show.

Your talk show set does not need to be that elaborate. 'Between Two Ferns' is literally two chairs set up between two fern plants.

Get Some Guests

If you're show is like most talk shows then you need to have a guest for the host to talk to. Keep in mind that not all shows follow this step. If your talk show is about reviewing products then you can probably do it with just the host.

Shoot It

With everything in place you can now shoot the show. You'll need a crew, some lights, a couple cameras, and audio equipment. When it comes to building an audience on the web you need to have production value, otherwise you'll be instantly dismissed as a hack. Make sure the images look great and that everything can be clearly heard.

You should also shoot with more than one camera. This will guarantee that your cuts will be smooth in the editing process. 

Edit and Post to the Web

Once the first episode is shot you will edit it to make it the best it can be. Then you will encode it to some web friendly video formats that are high in quality and small in size. Once that's done it's time to post to your favorite video sharing web sites.

Promote and Make More

Promote your series on various web forums and social media sites. If you're lucky someone big will discover it. In the meantime, keep building an audience and make more episodes.