Web Shows: How To Make a Camcorder Look Like a Web Cam

When you are recording web shows, you might want to make it look like certain parts of the video are recorded on a web cam. If you're using a top of the range camcorder, then the video will look far too high quality. In order to make your camcorder recordings look just like a webcam, then you will need to adjust the quality so that it looks just right.

Web cams aren't particularly high quality. In fact, they are designed to do the job of recording a video for Internet chat. This means that you need to do some clever editing to make your video look grainy and of poorer quality.

Step 1: Recording the Video

The first thing that you need to do is record your video. Make sure that the web cam segment of your video is separate. This will make it much easier to do the right edits. This might take some extra time to do, however, it will make your life easier. Leave your camera in the default settings and record as normal. All of the editing required will make it look much more like a web cam video.

Step 2: Downloading to Your Computer

Connect your digital video camera to your computer using either a fire wire or USB cable. When the camera is connected, it should be detected by the computer. Download the video files that you want to edit to your computer. This will speed up the editing process and make it much easier to change your video to look like it came from a web cam.

Step 3: Reducing Color Depth

Load the video in a video editing application. The first process is to reduce the color depth of your video file. This will make it look much more like it came from a web cam. The application that you are using will have different ways of doing this. Use different codecs or select various filters in the menu of your application to change the color depth.

Step 4: Adding Noise

If you have ever looked at a web cam video, then you will see that there are lines and lots of noise in the picture. This is more noticeable on web cams which are recording videos in low light conditions. The quality of the video from your camcorder will be much better. To make this easier, you will need to add noise into the video. Adding noise is very easy and it's normally just a matter of applying a filter to the video from within your video editing application. Have a play around with the noise so that it's not too noticeable but it is there.

Step 5: Reducing the Resolution

You should now reduce the resolution of the video so that it looks like it came from a  web cam. Web cams are not capable of recording in high definition. Making these changes should make it much simpler to make the video look believable. Of course you can tweak it a bit so that the quality is slightly better when blown up to a large TV.

You can then compile all of the different segments of your video to create the finished project. This can then be burnt onto a DVD, Bluray disc or simply saved as a file and uploaded to the Internet.