Web Shows: 5 Best Genres

Each month an online service makes a list of the best Web shows online. This list gives us information on what are the most popular web series, how many people watch them and what is their typical feedback. Here are the 5 best Web Show Genres according to their popularity and users' feedback.

  1. Comedy: Undoubtedly, the most popular web show genre is comedy. If you look at the top 10 list of most viewed web shows, you will see that the 60% of them consists of comedy shows. This comes as no surprise, since the vast majority of Internet users and viewers belong to an age group of 20-40. These people are interested in humoristic shows and series and use the Internet for entertainment and fun. What can offer more fun than a nicely written and smart comedy show? Some of the most popular comedy shows are the Guild, Fred, The Station, POV and Hardly Working.
  2. College Comedy: Even more appealing to web audience of 17-25 are the college comedy shows. These shows usually refer to college life and are full of teen jokes, love jokes and farces. These shows are usually inexpensive in their production but are funny and very popular. Back on Chart and POV, as well as Hardly Working are some of the most popular college comedy shows online.
  3. Animation: You would be surprised to see how many animation web shows exist online today. The even more surprising case is that the animation web shows are not watched only by kids, but mostly by teenagers and adults who enjoy the independent shows online. Some of the most known titles of Animation Web shows are Happy Tree friends, Red vs Blue.
  4. Music: Music could not be missing from this list. Although typical music web shows were very popular during the first years of web TV, today the most popular music TV shows are the ones that combine few genres. For instance the comedy - music web shows, or the music - college shows are the most popular and appealing types of shows among younger people. One of the known shows belonging to this genre is Key of Awesome.
  5. Video Game Themed Shows: Gaming shows have always been one of the most significant genres online. Web series are in general more inexpensive and their viewership is usually lower compared to over the air programs and shows. Gaming shows are popular because gamers are usually a very loyal audience; there are numerous gamers and they are also internet savvy people, so the gaming niche is popular. Do not forget that gamers also have their own network of social media sites and blogs that help them spread the word easily. Red vs. Blue and the Guild are two gaming web shows that have been gaining increased popularity recently.

These are the 5 most popular web shows genres today. However, as trends change, web shows will probably change accordingly.