Web Show: How to Collaborate with Online Friends

Anyone planning on hosting a web show with their friends or colleagues will need to find a way to stay in touch. The Internet has made it really easy to stay in touch with people all around the world. This means that even if you aren't anywhere near another person, you can quite simply keep in touch with them.

The Internet isn't only useful for searching for information, it's also an extremely easy and useful way to communicate. Of course, email might not be the best option, but it can sometimes be helpful.

Step 1: Sending an Email

The first thing that you can try doing to stay in touch with your online friends and discuss your web show is by using email. You might not think that this is ideal, however, it does have some advantages. Email has the major advantage of the other person not needing to actually be online. This means that you can easily send a message even if the other person isn't anywhere near their computer. You could also sketch diagrams on paper and scan them in, or alternatively on the computer. These diagrams can be quite easily attached to your email message to help the other person understand exactly what you are talking about.

Emails are stored on your computer or with your email provider. This will make it very simple to search and find out exactly what has been agreed before about the show.

Step 2: VOIP Chat

If you just want to discuss something, then the phone is probably the easiest and most convenient way. The trouble is that international phone calls can be very expensive. A cheaper alternative is using VOIP. VOIP, or Voice Over IP, is a special type of phone call which uses the Internet. Skype is an example of a VOIP client. You can either use this to phone another skype user for free, or you can purchase credit to make much cheaper international phone calls.

One of the best advantages of phone calls and VOIP calls is that they are instant, and it's easy to explain what you mean. It's also something that is very personal and most people will enjoy. Whatever you want to plan for your web show, it should be fairly easy to use the phone.

Step 3: IM Chat

Instant messengers are very useful to stay in touch and plan your web show. Some popular instant messengers include MSN, ICQ or QQ. These have the advantage of offering additional features, such as whiteboards, which can be a great way to scribble out ideas for composing elements of the web show. IM Chat is also useful because you can receive an instant reply to any of your questions.

It's important to bear in mind that this does not create a permanent record. This means that it might be difficult to remember exactly what you said.

You will probably want to use a combination of these different methods of communication to ensure that you can organize everything you need for your web show.