Web Cams: How to Upload Videos from a Web Cam

Web cams are extremely useful devices which not only make it possible to see other people half way around the world, but also broadcast yourself on the Internet. Video sharing sites such as YouTube have taken the Internet by storm. These are by far the most popular sites that people visit on a daily basis. If you want to get a part of the action yourself, then you will need to find a way of broadcasting your face. The easiest way of doing this is to get an inexpensive web cam and start getting yourself out there.

Web cams might not be as high quality as a camcorder, however, the results are just good enough to broadcast footage which can be watched at video sharing sites.

Step 1: Using YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video sharing web site on the Internet. This means that it's normally the site where people want to upload their web cam videos. It's actually extremely easy to upload your web cam videos to YouTube without first creating them on your computer. To do this, you simply need to visit YouTube and sign up for an account if you don't already have one. You can also register using your Google Account if you are already registered for Google.

Click on the upload link which is displayed at the top of the screen. On this page, click on the "Record from Web cam" link. This will pop up some new fields which can be filled out with information about the video. Once you have finished the video information, click the Allow button to grant YouTube access to your web cam. When you're ready to start recording, you should click the Record button and the web cam will automatically start recording. When you have finished, you should click Done and your video will automatically be uploaded to YouTube (and should be available on the site momentarily).

Step 2: Using EyeJot

If you want to email your web cam videos or include them on your web site, then it's unlikely that this will normally be possible without additional service. Eyejot is such a service and this is something that's completely free. Start by visiting the EyeJot website and registering your own account. When you have created an account, click the options to set up your computers web cam with the service. Click on Compose new Message to start recording a new video. Once you have finished, click the Stop button and it will be listed in the video list of your account.

It's also possible to download the EyeJot videos in MP4 format, which will make it really easy to upload them to multiple video sharing sites such as YouTube and Google Videos.

Step 3: Manual Recording

Another option is to use the software which was included with your web cam to record the video onto your computer. This video will be recorded as a computer file and then saved onto your computers hard drive. Once you have finished recording, it will then be possible to upload it to numerous video sharing sites. You can also upload the video file to your own website using FTP.