Viewing Flickr Photos in Google Earth

Viewing your Flickr photos in Google Earth has never been easier thanks to the development team at Google. One tool you will need is Google Earth; once downloaded and installed, you can begin. Practice with the program and you'll be creating your own video tours in no time. This could be a great way to show off a vacation to family and friends who are abroad.

Step 1: Opening the Frame

On the left hand side of the Google Earth window, you'll see a column frame with Search, Places and Layers. By default, all three of these are opened; you can close them to make the view easier to see. To do this, click the down arrow next to Search and Layers. In the Places frame, you should see a button that says Add Content; once clicked, a new frame in the bottom right portion should open that looks similar to a web browser.

Step 2: Tagging Photos from Flickr

Right click in the address field and click on select all, press delete or backspace, then type in the URL for Flickr and press Enter or Return. Once the page loads, you can log into your Flickr account. Find the pictures you want to use, and move them into a batch. Now, on the right hand side of the screen in the Places tab, right click on My Places and make a new folder.

Step 3: Finding Your Locations on the Map

Go head and find the first location on the map; having GPS coordinates helps, but if you didn't think to write them down, that is fine. On the left hand side in the folder you created earlier, right click on there and click Add, then click on Photo. Over on the Flickr page that is open in the bottom center, you'll see a link that says Open Set Page. Click on that, choose the picture for the first one, and click on it in the next browser window that opens. In the center of the picture on the editing bar, click on the all sizes. Hover the mouse over the Download large size, and right click it, then Copy Shortcut. Go to the Google Earth program.

Step 4: Adding Your Photos

Over in the folder you created, right click on it and choose Add, then go down to Photo. At the top of the dialog box, give it a name and then hold down CTRL and tap V on the keyboard to paste the link that you copied earlier. Continue repeating until you have all your photos.

Flickr is an easy way to share your important photos with your friends and family. Setting your permissions correctly can help publish your photos in different networks for easy viewing with other Google Earth users. Alternately, you can also email your tour links to your contacts who do not have Google Earth for viewing as well.