Using the Email & IM Photobucket Code

If you use Photobucket to store or share images, you may have noticed that you have the option of linking to your images in a number of different ways. One of the links that Photobucket provides you with is referred to as the Email and IM Code. This informational article is intended to give you a brief explanation of what the Email and IM Code is, and explain how to use it and how it is different from the other types of codes that Photobucket provides.


The Email and IM Code provided by Photobucket is essentially no more than a hyperlink to the image you have uploaded to Photobucket that is formatted to be best accessed through Email or instant messaging programs. If this hyperlink is copied and pasted into an email or into a conversation you are having through an instant messaging program, the person you are communicating with will be taken to a full size copy of your image when she clicks on the link. The individual will see the exact same display that you will see when you click on an image in your own Photobucket account. 


Obviously, the main application for using the Email and IM Code will be when you are communicating with individuals through these two formats. The code begins with "http://...," which means that it is an instantly clickable hyperlink for those you send the link to. For this reason, the Email and IM Code is also referred to as the "Share URL." The Email and IM Code is more effective than, say, a Direct Link because the Email and IM Code will provide the framing information provided by Photobucket that gives context to your image (as opposed to simply giving you a blank webpage with an image in it). The Email and IM Code will also allow you to share entire albums with your friends and family so that they can navigate through in the same way that you would be able to if you were using your own Photobucket account.

Since the Email and IM Code provides a link to the actual Photbucket website, instead of just a link to the image itself, your friends and family will have full use of the browsing controls that you have when you use your Photobucket account yourself. This makes the Email and IM Code a perfect way to share your photos.

Differences from Other Codes

The "Direct Link" code in Photobucket will be useful for you if you are designing a webpage or are adding a background or other image to a personal website such as Myspace. By adding basic html code to the beginning and end of the direct link provided by Photobucket, you can host your image on any website that you have the authority to edit. Direct linking is especially useful, then, for web designers or for simply sharing an image quickly with a friend.

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