Using The Blibs Tutorials

Blibs is an online photo editor. You can access the site and begin making professional changes to your pictures. even offers tutorials. The tutorials will walk you through a number of different projects. You can learn a great deal by simply following the steps set forth in the tutorials.

Accessing the Tutorials

Accessing the tutorials on is simple. Once you arrive at the site, you will find a horizontal navigation bar. On this bar, you will see a number of options. The most frequently used tutorials will be available under the Tutorials tab. If you don't find what you are looking for there, you should click on the help tab. Once you click on the Help tab, a drop down menu will appear. In order to access the complete library of tutorials, you need to click on Help Forums. 

A large help forum will open and you will be able to browse the complete library of tutorials. You shouldn't have a problem locating the information you need.

Asking Questions

If for some reason you completed the tutorials and still had some questions, you can post a question in the forum. People that use the forum usually browse for additional information and help to answer questions. If you post a question, you should receive a reply within a few days. This is great way to get an answer to a specific question.

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