Using the Blibs Photo Editor

The Blibs Photo Editor is a free online photo editing software. It is easily accessible, as long as you have an Internet connection. With this software, you can add a large number of effects to your photos with ease.

The Blibs Photo Editor is found online. You can access the photo editor by visiting Once you have reached the home page, you are ready to get started using the photo editor.

Upload the Photo

The Blibs Photo Editor allows you to upload a photo from your computer, or you can enter a photo's individual URL and it will import it from the Internet. In addition to accessing photos in these ways, you can also log into your account on MySpace, LunaPic, Flickr, Facebook and Firefox. You may have to log into your personal account to access these photos, however, the process is simple and is done without leaving the Blibs Photo Editor.

Get the Hang of the Tools

Once you have uploaded your photo, it will appear in the Blibs Photo Editor workspace. You can jump right in and begin making changes to the photo with the tools available on the left hand side of the screen. With this set of tools, you can add shapes, erase, draw and fill the photo with color. It is advised that you take a little time to get acquainted with everything that can be done from this area of the photo editor.

Adjust the Photo

If you look at the navigation bar at the top of the workspace, you will see the Adjust tab. The things that you can do to your photo from this tab are very powerful. You can change the color, pixelate the image, and add a blurry effect, all from the adjust tab with just a click of your mouse. In addition to the three effects mentioned above, you can access 26 additional effects to edit and manipulate your picture. If you don't like what you have done, you can simply click the undo button inside of the Blibs Photo Editor to remove the changes. In fact, the photo editor will keep track of the changes that you have made to your photo at the bottom of the work space.

Add Effects to the Photo

The Effects tab on the navigation bar houses another 29 effects that can be added to your photo. Here, you can blend two photos, create a cartoon from your photo, and make a web button from your photo. There are so many options under the Effects tab that you can spend hours simply exploring what can be done. Like the effects under the Adjust tab, most of the features under the Effects tab are completed with a click or two of your mouse.

Add Animations to the Photo

Next to the Effects tab, you will find the Animation tab. Just like the other tabs, there are 29 effects available under the Animation tab. Here, you can create a slideshow with more than one photo or add animation effects on top of the picture that you have already uploaded. All of the effects under the Animation are characterized by some type of movement. You can add sparkling stars that dance over your photo, or create the appearance of moving water in your photo.

The Blibs Photo Editor is packed with features and allows you to do amazing things with your digital photos.   

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