Using Photo505

Photo505 is an online program that allows you to add your photos, images and other graphical content to novelty creations such as magazine covers, movie posters and other artistic creations. Photo 505 is unlike other photo editing software and does not have the same features as programs such as Photoshop. It is designed to be a fun and novel way to create artistic designs on your images.

Using Photo505 requires the following steps, which are not explained on the website. It is an easy program to use.

Selecting a Language

You begin using Photo505 by going to the website and selecting a desired language to work with. The language bar is located at the top of the site, and it includes English, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Polish and several other languages. Once you select the language, you will see the style page that contains several pictures. Choose the picture that matches the style you want to apply to your own pictures.

Uploading a Photo or Image

After selecting the style, you will be taken to a page that will ask you to upload pictures from your computer. You are permitted to upload a photo of up to 10240 kilobytes in either *.jpg, *.png and *.gif format. The higher the resolution of the photo that you upload (1,000 pixels to dots per inch), the better the result. Click on the orange browse button in order to select the file you wish to edit from your computer. Be aware that if you do not wish to have your picture shown in the public gallery, you need to deselect the "show my photo in gallery" button.

Clicking the browse picture will take you to your hard drive. Choose a photo image on the computer that you want to use in the style sheet. Once selected, you will see the image appear on screen. That's it! You will be permitted to save the photo if you like and will be given various links for sharing your image in a photo sharing program such as Facebook or MySpace.

Things to Be Aware of When Using Photo505

Because Photo505 is an online, browser based program, it is supported by advertisements. You will be presented with many pop-up ads during the time that you use the program, so be aware of this occurring. You want to also make sure that the links you select to upload your photos on are those associated with Photo505 and not an advertisement link that will redirect you to another website. This will help you reduce the chance of picking up any malware or virus that may be hidden in the links.

You will need to return to the gallery view if you want to change the style sheet for a photo or select another image to upload into the program.

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