Using Layers in Fotoflexer

If you have been using Fotoflexer for a little while now, you may be keen to try and use some of the more advanced methods available on the image enhancing device, such as Geek or Layers. Layering photographs means that you can add images on top of the one you started with, so that you can enhance details such as eyes, or highlight important parts of the picture, such as a wedding ring. Layering looks impressive, but it is not that difficult with a high-tech application such as Fotoflexer. Learning how to use this tool is probably the most complex part of the process, but it is also not very difficult.

Finding the Layers Tab

You will first need to access the Fotoflexer site or go onto Photobucket, which has the complete system, and then click upload photo. You will be offered a selection of pictures to choose from, from your computer. Once you have selected the one you want, you and your photo will be taken to the image enhancing base. There are a series of tabs at the top of the screen, below the blue line with the Fotoflexer name in the left corner. These tabs include Basic and Effects, but the one you want is called "Layers." Click on this tab, and you will see a series of icons, with names such as Add Images or Select All. Others will be grayed out until you begin the layering process.

Beginning to Layer

Click the Add Images box, and you will be taken back to the screen that asks you to select an image. You can then add a picture from your saved selection--maybe one you had saved earlier. The images will then be combined on the same page. Your layer can be treated the same as with all other pictures. Once you have got the image you want, you can then proceed.

Continuing to Layer

Take your two images back to the Layer tab, and you will see the Push Back and Pull Forward tabs are now active. These allow you to switch between the images, so you can correct whichever one you please. You can also use the other tabs such as the opacity, which defines how strongly the picture will be see-through, and also duplicate, which reproduces one of the images.


Now that you have your two pieces joined together, you should go to the Select button, and use this to select both of your images at once. The buttons on the right hand side will now become active. Press Merge, and you will see both images combined into one shot. This can then be treated as any other picture to get exactly the right size for what you want. You may also select the pictures and use Ungroup if you are not quite satisfied with the picture.

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