Using IMG Photobucket Codes for Message Boards

Photobucket is a very useful online storage service for digital images and photographs. If you ever want to use your photos on a webpage but don't have a hosting account, then Photobucket might be the ideal answer.

What Is Hosting?

Everything on the Internet needs to be stored somewhere and this is what a hosting account is for. The documents on your home computer are stored on the computers hard drive, in the same way a website or anything which is loaded on a website must be saved onto a web server's hard drive.

Image hosting includes services such as Photobucket, which are designed specifically to store photographs and other images. Without these hosting accounts, it would be difficult to use images on Message Boards and Forums.

Space Is Valuable

Message board owners will not be keen on allowing you to upload your own photos to their storage space. There are a couple of reasons for this, the first being from a security point of view. However, the most important reason will be because the owner of the hosting will need to pay for the bandwidth, and this will increase every time someone loads the photo.

Using Photobucket to store your photos will then make it possible to link them to anywhere. This means that you can include your photos easily on your message board and forum posts by including the Photobucket codes.

Uploading Photos

The first thing you need to do is sign up for an account on Photobucket, and then you can start uploading your photos. To do this, simply log into your Photobucket account and create a new album to organize all of your photos in. Once you have done th,is you will then be able to upload the photos by browsing for them and uploading them.

What Are Photobucket Codes?

Photobucket codes are simple pieces of code which can be inserted into a website or forum post. These are designed to point the website towards the location of the photo which is stored on Photobucket.

Finding the Photobucket Codes

When you view the different photos in your Photobucket account, you will see a series of different pieces of code. These are all different methods which can be used on different types of site. If the message board you are posting on supports HTML, then it would be possible to use the direct link in the normal way.

However, not all message boards allow HTML code, which is why the IMG photobucket codes can be used. The IMG Photobucket codes are an easy way to link to off-site images. This can simply be copied and pasted into the forum post where it should automatically load the image. The IMG tag should look something like [IMG][/IMG].

Resolving Problems

Almost all message board software supports the use of IMG tags, however, if the IMG tags are being displayed as plain text rather than loading the image, then there are a few things that you can try. First, try putting the IMG tags in lower case and testing to see if this resolves the problem. Some other pieces of message board software also require that the IMG tag is replaced with [IMAGE] instead of IMG.

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