Using Fun Photo Box

Fun Photo Box is an online novelty photo editing tool that is used for placing your face or other photographic images in such items as greeting cards, magazine covers, animation and other photo effects. It is not a general photo editor. It is available as shareware or freeware online and can be downloaded via the Fun Photo Box website.

Using Fun Photo Box is easy to do and does not require any training or knowledge of photo editing software. All you simply need to do is to download the software (although it is freeware, a donation is suggested for the further development and enhancement of the software) and follow 3 simple steps:

3 Steps for Using Fun Photo Box

  1. Select from a set of pre-loaded templates inside the Fun Photo Box software. The effects include funny animations, movie stills, posters and billboards, magazine covers and other drop in effects that can accommodate the image that you upload.
  2. Upload the image or photo that you want to add into the selected effect. The photo can be selected from your computer files within the hard drive or from some file sharing program online such as Facebook, MySpace or Flickr. You can crop the photo or image once it is uploaded using the crop function in Fun Photo Box. You will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer in order to use this feature inside Fun Photo Box.
  3. Save the changes made to the photo in Fun Photo Box. Once you save the photo, you can upload it to a photo sharing or social networking site or save the file on your desktop to be shared via email with friends and family.

Types of Files Accepted by Fun Photo Box

Fun Photo Box accepts those photos and images that are in the following format: *.jpeg, *.gif and *.png. The maximum file size that can be uploaded and edited in Fun Photo Box is 4 megabytes. Aside from file restrictions and the type of files that can be uploaded into the software, there are no other restrictions or limitations as to what you can do with Fun Photo Box. The software assumes no liability for any issues that may arise from conflicts dealing with copyright restrictions or infringements. You should only work with those files that you own personally and have license to or permission to use.

The Purpose of Fun Photo Box

It should be reemphasized that Fun Photo Box is not a traditional photo editing program. Its purpose is to provide a fun utility to do different things with your photos by uploading them and dropping them into pictures, album covers, movie posters, billboards and other silly effects. Because it is freeware, it does not have the same level of photo editing functions and features found in more advanced and dedicated software programs.

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