Using Flickr as an Inspirational Design Tool

Using Flickr as an inspirational design tool is as simple as doing a web search from any search engine. When using Flickr this way, you can help jump start the creative process and possibly find that special image your looking for, to help bring your projects together. Flickr has a wide array of themes and topics for you to view that can be used freely, or you can buy the rights to the image. A few things to consider when using Flickr are how to search the website, what can be used freely, and geotagged photos.

Searching Flickr

You can view what has been uploaded within the last minute. You'll be barraged with thousands of images from around the world. Sunsets on beaches next to wet dogs taking a bath. People holding newborns to pictures of people taking pictures. When doing this method, however, you want to make sure that you are not using copyrighted material. An easy way to check for this is to click the image and then look near the upper left hand corner for the All Sizes button (on the next page that loads then the button). You'll find different pixel sizes to choose from for what you want to download. At the bottom of the page on the left corner, you want to look for a CC icon (Creative Commons). If this icon is not available, you might want to contact the artist for permission.

Creative Commons

As mentioned before, CC images can be used by any for any purpose so long as credit is given. You can do an advanced search to find images that have this mark specifically. From any Flickr page, click on the blue search button unless you see a link for advanced search. From the next page, scroll to the bottom. Select the bottom three options under the Creative Commons filter. You can filter the image better by using additional filters on that page.

Geotagged Photos

Checking out geotagged photos is another way of becoming inspired. Perhaps you need to put together a travel collection but have never been to the city. Within a few moments, you could be cruising down a Paris street or hanging out in at a Mardi Gras party in New Orleans. Anyone can be inspired just by looking at a majestic waterfall overlooking a secluded lagoon. These images are just a click away, and before you know it, you'll long to be back to work on that project with new energies.

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