Uploading Photos to Facebook From a Nokia Phone

Facebook allows photo uploads from many different phones, including many different types of Nokia phones. The type of phone you have will determine the method of loading; it should be similar for most phones.

Step 1: Open the Internet on Your Phone and Go to Facebook

After you have taken the picture, open the Internet on your phone. Enter www.facebook.com in the web address.

Step 2: Scroll to the "Click Here" Link

Click on the link at the bottom of your screen is a link marked "Click Here."

Step 3: Login to Facebook

Login to Facebook as you would from a computer. When asked, click yes to open on a securely, then again to leave the secure connection.

Step 4: Load the Photo

A link will appear on your Facebook page marked "Photos." Click on this link. You will now have a series of links. Click on the "My Photos" link on the next page, then the "Edit Album" link on the third page, and then the "Add More" link.

A link called "Try the Simple Loader" appears. Click on this and choose the picture or pictures you want to load from your phone. When you have entered the photo or photos, click on the "Upload Photos" button.

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