Uploading Photos to Facebook fom a Motorola Phone

Uploading photos from your Motorola Phone is a very easy process will give you the convenience of sharing the pictures you take on your phone with all your friends on Facebook. The easiest method for doing this is to get yourself a Facebook Mobile account, which can be done in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Select Picture
Find the picture on your cell phone that you want to upload to Facebook.  

Step 2: Email Picture
Select the option to email the photo and send it to mobile@facebook.com. Attach the photo to the email.

Step 3: Confirm
Once the email is sent, you should receive a conformation email from Facebook saying that the upload worked. There will be a 6 digit character code at the bottom of the email. 

Step 4: Login to Facebook Mobile
Go to www.facebook.com/mobile and click Activate Facebook Mobile. From there, type in your 6 digit character password and your phone number. You should receive a text message from Facebook Mobile saying that your account has been activated.  

Once you have a Facebook Mobile account, you can send your photos from your phone to mobile@facebook.com. The photos will automatically be uploaded to your Facebook profile.

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