Uploading from Yahoo Search on Fotoflexer

Fotoflexer allows you to upload pictures directly from Yahoo Search. This is a great feature, and it is accessible directly from inside the Fotoflexer interface. If you are working on a project and don't have the perfect photo, you can simply search Yahoo and upload the new photo to your Fotoflexer interface. The process is really easy and you can get the hang of it in just a few minutes.

Visit Fotoflexer.com

In order to begin working with Fotoflexer, you have to get to the website. Fotoflexer is found on the web at http://fotoflexer.com. Type that address into your browser, and you will be taken to Fotoflexer's home page. Look around and check out everything that you can do with this online tool.

Edit Photos from "More Places"

On the homepage, you will see a number of different options for uploading your photos. You will want to select the "More Places" button. This button will be located on the right hand side of the screen at the bottom of the cluster of buttons. Click it with your mouse and your will reach a page where the software loads. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, you may have to wait a bit for the loading process to finish.

Click on "Yahoo Search"

Once the software loads, you will arrive at a page with many different upload options. You may find that you can use Fotoflexer for more than you first imagined. At the bottom of the list, you will find "Yahoo Search". Click on the icon. After you have clicked the icon, you will see a search bar and some empty photo boxes.

Input Your Search Terms

The search bar may be filled with a sample keyword. All you have to do is delete the sample keyword and enter your own search term. Once you have entered your own search term, click the search button. The empty photo boxes will begin to populate with the images available on Yahoo. If you haven't found what you are looking for in your first search, delete the keyword and start over. You can browse through all of the available photos with the arrows located on the bottom right hand side.

Select the Perfect Photo

Once you have found the perfect photo, all you have to do is click the select button and the photo will pop into your Fotoflexer user interface. 

Begin Editing in Fotoflexer

Once the photo is inside the Fotoflexer user interface, you can begin making any edits or photo manipulations. You will not have any restrictions on what you can do to the photos that you upload from Yahoo Search. Every one of the effects will work on the photo just as if you had uploaded it locally from your computer.

Fotoflexer offers a great tool by allowing you to upload photos from Yahoo Search. Not only can you edit and manipulate the photos with ease, you can actually search for the photos inside of Fotoflexer. There is no need to leave the site to use the Yahoo Search features.