Uploading a Photo to Blogspot

When it comes to uploading a photo, Blogspot has made it easier for users to add one to their post. Photos and images are an important part of a blogger’s post. The following are a few simple steps that bloggers can follow to upload and attach their photos to their online post.

Step 1 – Log in to Your Account

Bloggers need to have their own personal account to access the features of Blogspot. Log in to the account and create a new post or edit a previous post and add an image.

Step 2 – Click the Add Image Button

Press the Add Image button. Once clicked, a smaller window will appear with options of selecting an image from the local hard drive or the web. Click the browse button located under, “Add an Image from your computer” section. This will open a "Choose file" window where users look for the respective image files. Once the correct file has been located, click "Open."

Step 3 – Align the Image

After selecting the image, users can choose to change the alignment of their image in respect to the page. By default, the option selected is None. Blogspot places the image on the left corner of the post. Other alignment options include Left, Center and Right. Select one and click "Upload Image." Wait for the image to be uploaded completely and the process is complete.