Upload From Flickr to Other Social Profiles

Flickr is one of the best sites for loading and sharing pictures, but not everyone has an account set up with Flickr, which means some users have to upload from Flickr to other social profiles, like Picasa, Facebook or even blogs. This is not as intuitive or easy as many of the other activities on Flickr. The first thing to realize is that the site deals with pictures as web pages or web links. Once you start to think of the pictures in terms of links, you will find the process easier to understand.

Step 1: Login to Flickr 

First, you will need to log in to the site using your Yahoo! ID and password.

Step 2: Upload or Navigate to the Individual Photo

If you want to load a new picture to Flickr, then move it to other sites; load the pictures as you usually would from the main page. If you want to load older pictures, go to Your Photostream and double click on the pictures. This will bring up another window.

Step 3: Posting to a Blog

Posting to a blog is pretty straight forward. Click on the menu item above the graphic marked "BLOG THIS," with an icon of a piece of paper and an arrow. If you have not already set up a connection between your Flickr page and your blog, Flickr will ask you if you want to set it up now. If you do, the link will take you to a window where Flickr has selected the most common blog sites; choose your from the drop down menu. Follow the steps to get the link set up. Once this is done, Flickr will allow you to blog from this icon whenever you have a need.

Step 4: Posting to Sites Using HTML

This is where you need to start thinking in terms of links instead of pictures. The blog will automatically treat your photos as links when you click the icon from them, but other sites will require you to know the Flickr link to embed the image onto the site. You can copy the link from your web address on Flickr; you will need to add the .jpg, .png, or .gif extension (any one of the three should be fine). You will want a location in the HTML text for adding the image, which will show [IMG] [/IMG]. Insert the link between the two to embed the image on the page.

Step 5: Other Social Sites

If you are not looking to add the picture to a blog and do not know HTML, you will have to consult the desired social network for instructions on how to load from Flickr. All of the social sites have different methods of loading from the other sites, and sites to make it easy to share photos between the different social networks; most sites do not provide easy methods of loading away from the parent site.

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