Tips for Using Fotoflexer Effects

Fotoflexer is an online photo editing software. Fotoflexer is capable of many of the same manipulations you find on premium photo editing software. However, you can find this online, and you can access it free of charge. As you work with Fotoflexer, follow the tips below and get ready for a fun and powerful photo editing experience.

Tip #1: Use a Sample Photo First

In order to get a hang of everything that Fotoflexer can do, you can use one of the 3 sample pictures provided. Using a sample picture rather than uploading your own will save you some time when you just want to fool around with the features and effects available on Fotoflexer.

Tip #2: Check out the Geek Tab

The Geek tab houses many of the most powerful features available on Fotoflexer. Here, you can access some of the more advanced features. You can recolor certain areas of your photos, resize specific regions of the photo, and cut out certain sections of the photo. You can add the effects available under the Geek tab along with the other effects available on Fotoflexer. 

Tip #3: Get Creative with Decorations

Decorations allows to create really cool effects with your photos. You can add text in a wide variety of colors, sizes and fonts. There are a number of stickers that you can add to the photos as well. Included in the stickers are text clouds. You can use these to add thoughts to people in your pictures. The decorate tab is an awesome way to create postcards that can be sent online or printed from your computer to be sent in the mail. 

Tip #4: Create Scrapbook Pages

Fotoflexer allows you to create photo collages. You can load as many as 25 photos into one photo collage. In collage mode, you can add effects to just one photo or to entire collage. These photo collages are great for those that are into scrapbooking. You can add your photos to the pre-designed collage and make changes. You can then print the photo collage and add it to your scrapbook. 

Tip #5: Don't Forget to Save Your Work

As you move through the different effects on Fotoflexer, you may be tempted to hit the back button. This is very dangerous and is one of the drawbacks of using a browser-based photo editor. When you hit the back button on your Internet browser, you will lose your work. Therefore, be aware of the undo and back button that is integrated into the software. If you remember to save your work as you go, you won't have a problem if you do make a mistake and hit the back button. 

There you have it. If you are interested in doing some easy and creative editing to your digital photo collection, Fotoflexer will allow you to do more than you probably imagined. If you are planning to get the hang of photo editing online before you splurge for a premium photo editing software, you may find that you really don't have to move away from Fotoflexer.

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