Tips and Tricks for Using a Web Cam

Almost every computer these days has a built in web cam which can be used to record video. Even if your computer doesn't have one built in they are affordable and a great way to digitally capture video. While the video quality is no where near as high as a camcorder there are still plenty of reasons why you might consider using them.

A web cam is an ideal way of recording video content to include on your blog or website. Using these cameras is also a wonderful way of getting an introduction into the world of film making on the cheap.


As with any type of camcorder or camera the lighting is essential. This is especially important when dealing with web cameras because they are not able to capture video in low light conditions. Avoid direct light as this can cause the video to be overexposed. Instead stick to indirect lighting. Accomplish this by aiming the light at a wall, or covering it with a diffuser.

Take Your Time

Web cams take time to focus on you which means that you should record for longer than you actually need. Start the camera recording and then make sure you're comfy. When you're ready you can start saying whatever you want. Later on, any video editing application will make it possible to cut out the start.

You should also avoid standing up and moving around in the video for the same reason. Every time you stand up the camera will need to focus on you again.


Almost all modern web cams have a built in microphone. This doesn't mean that you have to use it. Web cam microphones are very small and poor quality. This often means that they will not be able to provide you with a good enough sound. Instead, record the audio using a dedicated microphone. You will need to set up both the audio and video sources in your recording application to make this possible.

Placing the Web Cam

In order to record a good video for your blog you will need to carefully put the camera in the right position. These cameras are designed to record your face and are best put on top of your monitor so that they are eye level. Also don't get too close to the camera because it can distort your face.


As with any other type of photography you should avoid sitting in front of a very light background. If you are sat in front of a window for example then this will cause problems with the recording. You can resolve this by using something else as the background, or alternatively, you can try to lighten the foreground with lights so that it is more balanced.


When using a web cam it's best if you record and then play back the results on your computer. If you notice that anything isn't quite right then it should be easy enough to correct the issues. If you are having problems with glare place a polarizing filter over the camera lens


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