The OIE Online Image Editor

OIE, which stands for online image editor, is a service provided online for editing photos and images for use with photo sharing sites. With online image editor, or OIE, you have the ability to edit photos, images and graphics that you have stored on your computer or can upload, as well as create such images with the program. It is a product of InDis Baltic, a company based in the Netherlands.

What Works with OIE

The product runs with most operating systems, including Windows Vista and works with many file formats. These include *.gif, *.jpeg. *.png, *.tiff and *.bmp. You may experience some issues when using Microsoft's Windows 7 release, especially with the newer OIE version 3.1, but version 3.0 is not affected by any "bugs" within Windows 7 that causes it to work improperly.

How Much Does OIE Cost?

The cost of OIE version 3.1 is $550.00. Users of the previously released OIE versions 1.xx, 2.xx and 3.0 can purchase an upgrade to OIE version 3.1 for $275.00. This means that OIE is not shareware or freeware, and there is a cost associated with using this photo editing software. Orders for OIE can be placed online, which takes approximately 48 hours to fulfill or via fax through its U.S. reseller Share-It!, located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Share-It! is a service of digital river.

What OIE Allows the User to Do

OIE is designed to provide the same ability to everyday, non-professional users for editing photos that professional photo editors have, without creating a complicated or hard to use software program. OIE is built on the WYSIWYG or "what you see is what you get" concept and permits modifications of your photos inside a web browser or stand alone on your desktop before they are uploaded.

It simplifies certain editing tasks such as cropping photos, fixing "red eyes" in digital photos, rotating and scaling in order to make photos appear as professional as possible when posted online or shared with friends, family and colleagues.

How OIE Works

OIE online image editor works straight out of the box. Once you receive the photo sharing editor, simply load the software on your computer and begin editing photos. The program has an easy to use, intuitive interface that contains all of the basic photo editing functions needed to edit your photos. A basic view of the program contains a zoom function, a crop function, adjustments for different color layers within the photo, and other basic editing functions.

A more advanced editing option allows you to create an editing grid which allows you to make edits within specific areas of the photo as oppose to more global changes. As you become more experienced with using OIE, you may find yourself switching between the basic and advanced function when editing your photos.

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