The Difference Between Internet Television and Web Television

Anyone interested in broadcasting their videos using web television will discover that it's also possible to use Internet Television. While these are very similar, there are some differences which makes both of them suitable for different reasons. Web television is normally delivered through traditional websites such as YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Internet Television or IPTV is delivered in a separate application and works much more like traditional TV. This means that shows are broadcasted at certain times rather than always being available. When considering making your debut into the world of online broadcasting, you will need to decide which platform you want to use.


IPTV, or Internet Protocol TV, is the model chosen by the major networks and broadcasters. This is delivered through the Internet and telecom phone lines, however, not through a browser. This can either be accessed in a dedicated application or alternatively through a set top box plugged into your PC. While most of the IPTV system is closed and run like cable networks, it is still possible to broadcast yourself through some applications and platforms.

Popular IPTV applications include AntTV. Many of these are Chinese applications and are also available in English. PPStream also works very well, but this is only currently available in Chinese. IPTV has the advantage of being designed specifically for video, which means that it's often much quicker and less susceptible to bottlenecks on the Internet.

Internet Television is always evolving. Major networks really like this technology because it will eventually give them the ability to track what each viewer is watching, which will make getting accurate statistics much easier. IPTV is normally supported by the major networks. This means that you will struggle to broadcast on it (except for the applications already mentioned). However, getting attention on these networks will be difficult because there are already so many channels out there.

Web Television

Web Television is a platform which is still evolving. Unlike Internet TV services, these are aimed specifically at amateur video producers. Sites like YouTube make it really easy to create your own shows and upload them to the Internet. These will be available on the site for a long time and can be clicked on by anyone who wants to watch them. They can also be downloaded to portable media players, which makes it possible to enjoy them offline.

Web Television requires virtually no investment to start using. If you have a web cam, then you already have everything that you need to start recording your own videos and uploading them to various sites on the Internet. Using a service like EyeJot will make it possible to upload the videos to your own website and also download them so that they can be uploaded to the popular video sharing sites.

Video sharing sites receive more traffic than unknown IPTV channels. This means that it should be much easier to start out as an unknown television producer and earn a good reputation.

Which Is Better?

There is no right or wrong answer to whether web or Internet TV is the best. It all depends on your budget, the audience your are trying to reach, and the equipment that you have available. If you only have a web cam, then uploading to web TV is normally ideal.