The Advantages of Picnik Premium

Picnik premium accounts are available for anyone who subscribes and builds on the features already provided by free basic accounts. Whether or not you will benefit from the features offered by premium accounts will depend on exactly what you are looking for from an online image editing application.

Uploading Photos

The free account allows you to upload an individual photo at a time, however, by upgrading to a premium account, you will be able to upload up to 100 photos at the same time to your account.

Enjoy without Ads

One of the most noticeable advantages of paying for a Premium account on Picnik is that it won't be supported by ads. It's also possible to run Picnik in full screen mode for simpler and quicker image editing. The lack of ads also makes Picnik much faster to upload images and perform actions.

Advanced Touch up Features

The advanced features will normally be the reason that people choose to pay for a Picnik premium account. There are actually quite a few improvements to the touch-up features compared to the basic free accounts. There are a number of automatic touch-ups which can be applied including wrinkle remover and a shine remover.

Cloning is also offered in premium accounts and this can make touching up photos very easy. The brush size is adjustable and this makes it very easy to use. Any errors in the clone can also be adjusted after the event which makes perfecting and improving the entire effect very simple. Dodging and burning features are also included to help achieve some of the effects that you might be used to with other photo editing applications.

A feature called Fancy focus also allows you to highlight a particular section of a photograph by making it stand out from the rest of the picture.

Unlimited History

With the basic free accounts offered by Picnik, you will have access to five of the most recent downloads, however, by upgrading to a premium account, you have access to an unlimited history. This means that you will be able to look at the list of files which you have downloaded from the application. This is great if you have a habit of misplacing files.


There are a number of different templates which are included with the premium Picnik accounts. These templates also include more fonts, frames, collage designs and stickers. The templates are available to anyone who signs up for the premium account.


There are a few different options for purchasing a premium Picnik subscription. A 1 month subscription will cost $4.95 per month, 6 months will cost $19.95, and the best value accounts come to $24.95 for a whole years worth of access. This is very cheap when compared to Photoshop and other well known image editing applications.


If you're not sure whether the Picnik premium accounts are worth you signing up for, then you might want to test some of the more advanced features out at It's possible to trial a number of the more advanced features to decide whether or not the premium accounts will work for you.

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