Staying Safe With Facebook Photos

Be sure you are staying safe when using social networking websites such as Facebook. This site provides many privacy and safety options designed to protect you and your identity.

Make Your Profile Private

If you make your profile private, strangers will be unable to get information from your photos. To set your profile to have maximum privacy, go into your settings and only allow your Facebook Friends to see your profile and pictures. You will then be able to choose from whom you accept Friend requests. This is a great way to avoid anybody you do not know from contacting you or viewing your profile information or posted or tagged photos. When in doubt, do not accept a Friend request from anyone that you do not know.

Choose Your Photos Carefully

Do not post pictures on Facebook that give away information such as the address of your house or any landmarks that are easy to recognize. If you give any information away in your photos, unwanted people may attempt to contact you or find out where you live, work or spend your time.

Keep an Eye on Your Account

If you notice any strange activity, report it to Facebook immediately. This includes noticing that someone else attempts to log in to your account or that  strangers attempt to contact you, especially if they use threatening language. Internet stalking and harassment are serious violations. If you feel threatened in any way, both notify Facebook and contact the proper authorities, even if that means contacting the police. If you notice any person using your picture without your consent, you should contact authorities. Although rare, this can mean that a person is attempting to log in to your account in order to perform identity theft.

Change Your Password Often

Although this is not a tip that relates directly to photos, this will allow you to avoid anyone from hacking in to your account. While you should change it to something that is easy to remember, do not make a password that is easy for someone else to acquire, such as your telephone number or name of your favorite pet.

Keep Your Friends Informed

Let your friends know when you have posted pictures of them and ask that they do the same for you. They can also tag photos of you so that you can see what photos your friends have loaded of you online.  You can also un-tag the photo so that they do now show up in your profile.

Know Facebook

Facebook will never e-mail you regarding your account or photos that you have uploaded. They will also never ask for a password regarding your account. Beware of people posing to be Facebook users in order to get information from you. If Facebook has to contact you regarding your account, be sure to not provide any relevant information in the event that the user that has contacted you is trying to get into your account.

Inform Your Children

If you have children, be sure to remind them of the importance of being safe on the internet. They may get caught up with adding friends and photos and may not know of the risks associated with uploading photos that can negatively impact their lives. You can never be too safe when it comes to your children and the strangers that live in the world around you.

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