Should You Put Your Home Movies online?

In the age of increasing technology, home movies that were once relegated to the home are now able to be shared with family and friends around the country, and even around the world. You are able to email your movies, as well as upload them to the Internet. If you have a personal website or a blog, you can upload the video there, or you can upload the video to an online sharing site like YouTube, or to a social networking site like MySpace or Facebook. But the question remains, just because the option is available, should you put the videos online?

Shooting and Uploading Your Video

Whether with a camcorder, a flip camera, cell phone or with your digital camera, taking home movies has never been easier. 

Uploading videos onto YouTube is easy; click the 'Upload' link located to the right of the search box on the home page. Sign into your YouTube or Google account (if you do not have an account create one for free). Once you are logged in, you can click the upload button and choose a location from which to get the video. YouTube allows tools to promote your video and link it to Twitter and Facebook. 

Promoting Your Video

You may want to promote the video to be the next online video sensation or just let family and friends know where they can find your latest home movies. The lure of Internet fame sounds appealing, but the problem is that once it is out there, people are able to get a hold of your movies and render their own changes. If your idea is creative, there is the possibility someone will copycat it. 

Concerns Regarding Privacy

The Internet has allowed for endless possibilities, but along with that have come concerns regarding privacy. If you put your video on the Internet, it is out there for anyone to see (not just the eyes for which it was intended). If privacy is a concern, YouTube or another online sharing site is less secure than a social networking site like Facebook. The social networking sites have more privacy features, allowing you to limit who sees the video. Although this option is not full proof, it is more secure than YouTube. 

Have fun shooting your home movies and weigh your options before you decide to upload your videos online. 

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