Sharing Your Hipstamatic Images

If you have a hipstamatic app on your camera phone, then you will probably enjoy taking these old fashioned images. The problem that many people have is actually sharing these hipstamic images. The advantage of hipstamatic images is that you can capture photos like the ones that were captured with very old cameras. It's possible and easy to change the lenses, film speed and lighting by simply swiping your finger over the screen.


Photos are meant to be shared. This makes it possible to spread the enjoyment of your photos. Hipstamatic photos can be shared in quite a few different ways.

Online Photo Sharing

There are a large number of groups on the Internet on sites such as Flickr and Photobucket specifically for hipstamatic images. These online photo sharing websites are very easy to use. Simply register for an account on one of these websites and then simply upload them all to the site.


It's also easy to print the hipstamatic photos out from your computer. You can use any photo printer to print them.


You are able to email these photos in exactly the same way as any other photograph. These photos can be saved as an image on your computer and then attached to any email.