Sharing Facebook Photos on Twitter

Many Twitter users also have Facebook accounts, and the two social media networks have been working closely together to give their users the best experience they can offer. A Twitter user's status can be viewed on Facebook, and materials uploaded on Facebook, including Facebook photos, can also be copied directly onto Twitter.

Facebook Page vs. Facebook Profile

The Twitter-Facebook link is designed to be a promotional tool. As of right now only Facebook pages can be linked to Twitter, not individual profiles. A page is similar to a profile of Facebook. It has info, a wall people can write on, plus photos and videos can be uploaded to it. A page is essentially a fan site for musicians, celebrities, movies, small businesses, corporations, beliefs, politicians or anything else you can think of. Any Facebook user can create them for free. Often, the creator is also the administrator and he/she is the only person who can update and change the page.

Creating a Facebook Page

To create a Facebook page please visit and follow the simple instructions. It should take about fifteen minutes to have a simple fan page up and running. You should only create a page if you are an official representative of that person, business, or organization.

Connecting with Twitter

Twitter has also become a powerful promotional tool in the world of social media. You can connect your Facebook page with Twitter by going to Although this article specifically deals with the subject of sharing photos, you can in fact share everything on your Facebook page with your Twitter account. Just click on the Link to Twitter button and you will be able to choose which page you wish to link to a Twitter account.

Pick and Choose What You Share

You have the choice to share everything you update on the Facebook page with Twitter or you can pick and choose what to display. The items you share are categorized as 'Status Updates', 'Links', 'Photos', 'Notes', and 'Event Creations'. Simply uncheck one of these items and it will not be shared on Facebook.

Sharing Photos

Once you set up your Facebook-Twitter link, simply upload a photo to your page and it will automatically be copied to your Twitter account.

Interesting Fact

The Facebook-Twitter connection was developed from start to finish by Michael Gummelt while he was an intern at Facebook during his summer break in 2009.

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