Setting Up Facebook Online Photo Albums

Facebook can be used as a great way to set up online photo albums where you can show off all of your favorite photos to your friends and family. It's even possible to password protect your photos and only allow certain people to access them, this will make sharing your photos as private as you want.

Starting and building your own Facebook photo album is very easy and is something that can be completed in no more than a few minutes.

Step 1 - Registering

First you need to visit and either sign up or create your own account. Creating an account is very simple, you will only need to give your email address, contact details, and set up a password. Once you have done this you will then be able to start setting up your own online photo album on the Internet. If you ever forget your password then you can always reset it by following the instructions on the web site.

Step 2 - Choosing the Right Mode

Once Facebook has loaded, you will then be able to click on the photos link at the left of the page. This will bring up a new page specifically for photographs.

Step 3 - Creating an Album

Creating a photo album is now as simple as clicking Create an Album in this photo page. You will then be able to set a number of options including the name of the album, and the location. There are also a variety of different privacy settings which can be adjusted to allow different people to access your photos and to leave comments.

Step 4 - Downloading Controls

You will now be prompted to download an active X control from the Internet, this control is required to be able to use the java upload function on the web site. If you don't download this then you won't be able to use the advanced browse function, instead you can only use the basic windows browse feature.

This control shouldn't take long to install although you may have to go through a series of security prompts before the control is installed properly.

Step 5 - Uploading Photos

Once you have downloaded the control you now need to upload the photos, select the photos you want to upload and click on the upload button. With the download control you will be able to upload a number of different photos all at the same time without having to upload them all individually one by one.

Step 6 - Adding Text

You now have the option of adding text onto your photos. This is very easy, simply click on the photo and then add the text. It's then possible to tag the photos so that people can easily find them.

Once you've finished you can now click Save. This will save the photos changes and make the changes immediately visible on the web site.

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