Sending a Picture to a Group on Flickr

If you have just joined your first group on Flickr, you may not be too sure how to send a picture to that group. It does take a little time to get used to working outside of your regular contacts, but Flickr has made this process relatively simple and easy to remember once you have done it the first time.

Step 1: Login to Flickr 

First you will need to log in to the site using your Yahoo! ID and password.  

Step 2: Upload the Photo You Want to Send

If you have a new picture you would like to send, upload the picture to your Flickr account. This is done from the link on "Upload Your Photos & Video," located on the main page when you login to Flickr. Click on the photo you wish to load. Once this is done, skip to Step 5.

Step 3: Navigate to a Photo You Have Already Loaded to Flickr

If you have a wealth of pictures but have just joined a group and want to send them a picture already loaded to the site, navigate to that picture in your account. This is easiest from the "Organize & Create" tab, which displays all of the pictures you have previously loaded onto Flickr.

Step 4: Scroll Through and Select Your Pictures 

After clicking on the "Organize & Create" tab, all of the photos you have loaded onto Flickr will appear in a scrollable menu at the bottom of your screen. Find the picture you would like to send to the group, click on it, and drag it into the area that says "Drag items here to edit them as a batch." If you would like to select more than one photo, you may click and drag them into this area as well. Remember that double clicking will open the picture in a window, but it will not move the picture into the area where you are choosing pictures to post.

Step 5: Add Any Desired Comments

One thing to consider when sending pictures to a group is that they may need an explanation of the picture. If you are sending a new picture, just add the comment when you load it to Flickr. If you are sending older pictures, you may want to clean them up and provide some information for the group since they will not be as familiar with your style and tone as your contacts are. Once loaded into the "Drag" area, click on a photo to open it for comments. If you are loading more than one, you can use the "Next item" link at the bottom of the picture to move to the next picture in the series.

Step 6: Send the Picture to the Group

Once you are done with comments, click on the "Send to Group" tab near the top of the screen. A screen will pop up asking which groups you want to include. The site will ask you to verify that you do not mind people in the group tagging and commenting on these photos; click "YES, GO AHEAD" to submit the picture or batch to the group.

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