Sell Pictures Online: How to Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

It is easy to sell pictures online. There are several websites which allow photographers to upload their photographs and earn from their stock photos. Here are three simple steps to selling photographs online.

Step 1: Find the Right Subject

Most stock photographs are utilized as illustrations by graphic artists or related professions. Take photographs that have a message. For instance, take photographs of children having fun swimming as compared to just their faces. Remember to get the model’s permission. In the case of children, obtain permission from parents or their guardian. Landscape photographs are always in demand, but with the volumes available, may not get noticed as much. Avoid photos of family reunions or parties. There should be no logos or company names on the photograph to avoid copyright issues. Remember to photograph in RAW format to get the best quality.

Step 2: Edit Photographs

Take lots of photographs. A minimum of 20 photos are recommended before uploading to a website. Make sure that photographs intended for stock photo websites are sharp, clean, exposed correctly and without noise. For minor corrections, use photo editors to improve the quality of the image.

Step 3: Upload to Stock Photo Websites

There are numerous websites which allow uploading for free. Choose keywords carefully. The keywords chosen will determine how many clients will find the photograph.