Saving Photos with Poladroid

Poladroid is freeware or shareware software that can be downloaded and used to create Polaroid style pictures on your computer. The software is available for free on the Poladroid website, although a donation of any size is recommended for the developer of this software. The program is not a traditional, full feature photo and image editor, but allows you to add a creative touch to your images by creating the Polaroid border around the image.

Using Polaroid once you have downloaded the software to your computer is simple and easy to do. It is an easy program to manipulate because all it requires for your to do is drag and drop photos into the easily recognizable program icon and allow the software to do the rest.

Process for Saving Photos in Poladroid

The process for saving your photos once they have been created in Poladroid is also easy and does not involve much by way of technology. This process article will describe the steps that the program takes in order to save your photos, as well as ways you can manipulate the process in order to create your own unique identifier.

1. Open and Create an Image in Poladroid

In order to save an image using Poladroid, you need to create a Poladroid image with the software. You can accomplish this by clicking on the desktop icon for the software. The icon looks like a small Polaroid camera, so it should be easy to locate and access. Once located, follow the instruction printed on the photo image that appears out of the icon to drag and drop the image that you want to create as a Polaroid image.

Once you drag the image into the icon, you will hear a camera shutter sound (similar to that of an actual Polaroid camera and see the resulting image). Grab it and shake it (like a Polarodi picture!) and soon your image will appear.

2. Saving the Poladroid Image

The best part about Poladroid is that the images are saves automatically once created. This means that there is absolutely nothing that needs to be done on your part to save the new Polaroid like image. You should be aware however that there are some steps that you should take in order to locate and identify the images.

When the photo image is created in Poladroid, the file is sent to the destination folder in which the image came from. You should go immediately to this file in order to confirm that the image has been saved there. It will be labeled with the letters "IMG" appearing in the identifier. Right click on the image or the label in order to rename it to a more unique name. If not, you will need to remember the location and name that the Poladroid program gave to the photo.

3. Using Your Poladroid Image

Now that you have located and saved the Poladroid image in your hard drive, you can select it to print or upload into a photo sharing account that you maintain online. The image should be in *.jpeg format so it will be easy to upload into any program that you use as well as upload to your online sites. Print the image in the same manner that you print other *.jpeg images on your computer.

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